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MYOLINE was founded with a vision to help children get naturally straight teeth. The founder of myoline Dr. Shifa Shamsudeen always believed in prevention and cure rather than symptomatic treatment . She met Dr.Chris Farrell in 2013, by which she had 350 children undergoing the Myofunctional preventive treatment under her care and seeing positive results. It was during this learning she discovered the role of Orofacial Myofunctional therapy in prevention of crooked teeth. In 2015, WE Little expanded to a bigger and international standard facility.

By then Dr. Shifa had started her own protocols (Adapted and modified from MRC Australia) and the practice was helping thousands of children. The following years after extensive training in OMT, Myoline was formed with protocols, therapies and monitoring schedules that suit the Indian scenario. The process now has helped thousands of children


  • Preventing the Child from Developing Crooked Teeth as Early as 5 Years of Age by Focussing on Muscle and Airway Centered Orthodontics Which Helps in Correcting the Root Cause Leads to Proper Growth and Development of Jaws.

  • Treatments are focused on analysing and correction of the epigenetic causes of malocclusion thereby naturally aligning teeth with healthy and aesthetically developed faces.

How it Works
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After completing her Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery in 2006, Dr.Shifa had chosen her Masters in Preventive and Pediatric dentistry and completed it in 2009. On completing her master’s Dr.Shifa worked with a few leading corporate dental centres and had found herself exploring the functions of a removable Myofunctional appliance in children. In 2012, she started her own practice in Coimbatore, WE Little.


Her journey there started with understanding the role of epigenetics in crooked teeth and its prevention. In 2013 she had visited Myofunctional Research and Co., Australia for a deeper understanding for Myofunctional therapy in dentistry. Having seen over 350 cases by then with Myofunctional therapy, she began setting her own protocols for children customized to their needs by 2015.

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