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Myoline Practitioners

What Is a Myoline Practitioner Programe ?

Myoline Practitioner Programme , is a unique system to help dentist incorporate preventive myofunctional practice for treating malocclusion in children as young as 5 years of age. The protocols and systems were developed with almost a decade of expertise to help in achieving stable results. This can widen your scope of practice backed up with proof of concept methods

Who can become a Myoline Practitioner?

Are you a registered dentist or a dental specialist who is passionate to incorporate Preventive Pediatric Orthodontics? Do you have knowledge regarding epigenetics, soft tissue dysfunction and want to start preventive intervention naturally in children as young as 5 years of age?  If Yes, the Myoline Practitioner Programme is for you.

Why to incorporate Myoline Programe in your practice?

There is an increase in demand for preventive care for children and many parents are looking out for options other than braces. Parents are much informed and aware on natural way of early treatment in children and a functional approach in correction and prevention of malocclusion. Some of the potential benefits include, early treatment, treatment of wider range of patients, increase in patient flow, no or less chair-side time or invasive procedures, increased financial benefits both for the dentist and the patient.

How to apply to become a Myoline Practioner ?

Want to become a Myoline Practitioner ?

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